Dragan Vurdelja 2015 - BioDragan Vurdelja is a renowned beauty expert with a longstanding experience and a successful international career. He lives and creates between London and Belgrade. At the very top of the professional makeup artist world, he works with eminent fashion designers during fashion weeks world wide.


Dragan was born in 1977 and started his prolific career in 1999. In 2005 he received a prestigious Pantene Beauty Award accolade as the best professional makeup artist in Serbia.


His craft has been propelled through professional engagement with numerous celebrities and other persons from the public eye as well as cooperation with professionals in the field of advertising, fashion and art. Dragan is involved in innumerable campaigns for leading international and domestic brands in Serbia. His name can be found in all acclaimed magazines from the world of fashion and business.


The fruit of his endeavours is evident in almost every local weekly, monthly and on-line publication as well as iconic international magazines like Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Grazia, GQ and Harper's Bazaar. Dragan has worked with a variety of cosmetic and beauty houses like Goldwell, Charlotte Tilbury, Vidal Sassoon, Estée Lauder, Inglot, Aura, and many more.


A new era of product development has started with the launch of Dragan Vurdelja Gel Eyeliner, his first beauty product.


The greatest mission remains the education of new talent in his make up school established in 2006 in Belgrade. Through immense experience and vast expertise Dragan Vurdelja and his team are developing new talent in not only make up but all beauty segment alike. Many of his students have used the school as a vantage point for a successful local and international career.