Dragan Vurdelja’s school of make-up was founded in September 2006 in Belgrade, and it has been operating sucsessfully ever since. In the beginning, the School of Make-up offered only a six-month course. However, in order to meet various needs and wishes, the School of make-up now offers 5 different programs:



Program 1


This is a four-month course which provides training in professional make-up skills. The program is prepared by Dragan Vurdelja and the course is taught by make-up artists who graduated from our school. This course is designed for students who have no previous make-up experience, and it is based on corrective make-up techniques current with the latest trends. The course program is delivered over weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), and each class lasts for 2 hours. Apart from make-up classes, students will experience a range of different guest speakers who work in the field of photography, cosmetics and presentation. Make up sets will be provided for our students use throughout the course. Each student will be awarded with certificate recognized by the Cosmetician Society of Serbia.


Program 2


This is also a course designed for those wishing to pursue a career as a professional make-up artist, who however don’t have time to attend the four-month course. This is intensive one-on-one course. The program and course intensity are adjusted to every individual student. Like group course students, individual students will also use make up sets provided for studying, and they will also be awarded with certificates after graduation.


Program 3


This course is designed for professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge through seminars based on latest trends.


Program 4


This is an 6-class course, designed for those whishing to apply make-up on themselves. Students will be taught how to create best version of themselves by using make-up. Make-up is adjusted to student’s age, style, and sensibility of lady wearing it.


The School of Make-up is located at 19/2 Svetozara Markovića street, and by means of a professional approach it enables students to learn the art of make-up in pleasant atmosphere.


For additional information, please call 062/ 777 008