The school offers 5 courses for professional development as well as 1 on 1 masterclass and a course for people who want to learn to do their own makeup.


The programs are:

Basic +
Advance 1
Advance 2


All programs can be combined with each other depending on the needs of the client and the level of previous knowledge. The consultation and knowledge test are important, free and non-binding.


• The Master's course includes a combination of basic, basic +, advance 1 and 2 programs and represents the most complete training. The Master's course has 45 classes.


• Basic course is intended for absolute beginners. It includes a lot of theoretical teaching, while the practical part refers to the determination of skin type and tone, as well as products in relation to it. Anatomy and balance of the face. Make up set creation and maintenance. All products as well as makeup models are provided.
The basic course consists of 20 classes.


• Basic + supplement of 10 hours and is usually combined with the basic course. The focus is on trends and practical work. 


• Advance 1 is a program intended for people who want to improve certain techniques and styles that they can choose by themselves or with the recommendation of Dragan himself. Learn about using lux brands. The material is provided.
The Advance 1 course consists of 10 classes.


• Advance 2 is a shorter version of the advance course has 5 classes. It is intended for training up to the master level or for additional work in relation to clients with highly complex requirements.

• Class with master is a private class with Dragan Vurdelja wich lasts for2 hours. Completely adapted to your wishes and created completely individually. It's different for everyone.

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